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Safari’s client is a healthcare provider with locations throughout the United States. Client received multiple invoices for local and long distance services from various carriers that were confusing, but looked to be about the same amount each month. Client thought they might be paying for services they did not need, or that their bills had inaccuracies or outdated information. Safari was engaged to conduct a site-by-site forensic analysis of Client’s telecom services and the respective costs. The resulting information, combined with Safari’s experience, technical knowledge, skilled negotiation, and diligent follow-up, allowed Safari to identify and act upon the numerous billing errors and inefficiencies. Safari also produced detailed site documentation that allowed for increased efficiencies in trouble resolution, and for mapping out future telecom requirements and strategies.

Safari was able to obtain financially material results for this Client. We were able to eliminate over $33,000 per month in billing for unused services, in addition to reducing their monthly spend by $15,600.00 due to erroneous billing. Safari also filed sizeable claims for credits and refunds due to our Client from past billing errors.
The bottom line for our Client:

  • Over $370,000 awarded in refunds and credits against erroneous billing.
  • A reduction of over $639,000 per year in overall telecom spending.

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