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A nationwide association group with 350 employees and over 25,000 members wanted to upgrade their communications system and move into the 20th century. Safari Solutions was engaged to consult on the project. Safari conducted an analysis of all existing voice and data services and infrastructure.

With that information in hand, we worked with the management team to design a requirements document that encompassed the needs of the entire organization to ensure that the solution chosen would best meet the needs of all of the users. Safari developed a detail RFP for a Unified Communications System and engaged 8 top tier solution providers that Safari determined could meet these requirements.

Safari and the client reviewed the RFP responses together, decided on three solution providers and invited them to on-site demonstrations. The client, with the Safari team’s technical and strategic input, then selected the best solution provider. Safari assisted in the final agreement negotiations, providing expertise on cost and terms. Finally, to assure a smooth transition Safari oversaw the new system implementation process.

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