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A prospective client had two locations on the East Coast and numerous outside salespeople throughout the United States. The company had legacy phone systems and analog phone lines at both locations, and management felt limited by the lack of features and flexibility with their existing setup. Safari Solutions worked closely with the customer to completely understand their business and their day to day activities and bring appropriate solutions to the table, explaining the costs, benefits, and negatives associated with each option. At the end of the day, Safari implemented a VOIP hosted system for Company ABC. The results:

  • Both offices and every outside salesperson are brought together under one off-premise VOIP system, centrally managed through a GUI interface. Everyone within the company can reach each other by dialing a four-digit extension. Users can see who is on the phone, away from their phone, or on do not disturb, resulting in better communication within the company.
  • Safari programmed the call answering pattern to minimize their customer’s hold times. Calls originating in the main office simultaneously ring in the satellite office offering an expanded pool of customer service representatives if needed. Should a call go unanswered after four rings in the main office, it is automatically answered in the satellite office and vice versa, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.
  • The VOIP environment unifies each salesperson to ensure they are working at the highest levels possible. Every salesperson is provided their own dedicated number to give out to customers. Calls ring simultaneously on their desk and cell phones, eliminating missed calls when on the road. Our client is experiencing increased response rates, resulting in better customer service and increased revenue.
  • By moving to a VOIP environment, Safari was able to reduce their carrier bills by 20%.

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